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Private sessions are available, taught at Santosha in Bethany Village.

Yoga for Special Needs

Ages 5 and up- see specific schedule for your age group time. Small group classes. Pre-registration is required.

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Special Needs Yoga - Private Sessions

Yoga supports a child's physical, mental, and emotional development. Private sessions are tailored to meet each student and family's unique needs.

In a safe and supportive environment, children can explore breathing exercises, yoga poses, deep relaxation, and other yoga practices.

There is no wrong in yoga. Every child deserves to be their authentic self.

Cindy currently works in the public school system supporting students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Community Transitional Program.

Cost: Contact Cindy for private session prices, location, and a free initial assessment.

Yoga - American Sign Language

For the deaf community, yoga classes must be completely visual. Cindy obtained her yoga teaching certification through a training program that was done in conjunction with the Deaf Yoga Foundation - the only program in the United States with this relationship.

The program focused on ways to teach using American Sign Language (ASL) and visual cuing. Cindy believes eveyone should have equal access to the teachings of yoga and she is committed to sharing yoga in ASL.

Cindy attended an interpreter training program and previously worked as an interpreter for the Portland Public Schools.

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Santosha Yoga
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